Gemini in figures

600 megawatt - production capacity

2.6 terawatt hour electricity - generated per year

€ 2.8 billion - project financing (loan capital and equity) pooled in record time

6 months to Financial Close - an unprecedented timescale for a project of this size

36 kilometres per hour - the average wind speed in the area

85 kilometres - from the Groningen coast

68 square kilometres - of wind farm in the North Sea

28-36 metre - water depth at the site of the wind farm

5 years - between obtaining the Water Act licence and the financial close

in May 2014

24-36 months - needed to complete the environmental surveys and obtain

the required project licences

1.25 million fewer tons of CO₂ emissions - per year because of Gemini

500 local jobs - to be created during construction

1 land station - will be constructed in Eemshaven

59-73 metres - length of the monopiles; each monopile will be adjusted to

the installation depth required by the conditions at the various


7-11 centimetres - wall thickness of the monopiles; this varies to give additional support

to the construction in areas in which the sea exerts most pressure

5-13 revolutions per minute - range of the nominal rotor speed

88.5 metres - height of the turbine hub above sea level

990 tons - lifting capacity of the crane on offshore installation vessel Aeolus

2 offshore high-voltage substations

5,000 tons - weight of a full cable carousel on installation ship Nexus

110 kilometres of export cable - from each offshore substation to land (approximately)

33 - nominal kilovoltage of the thinnest infield cable (108 mm diameter)

that connects the turbines with the substations

220 - nominal kilovoltage of the thickest export cables (267 mm diameter)

that can each transport up to 75% of the electricity that

Gemini generates.

450 turbine blades - each weighing 18 tonnes, to complete the wind farm

1,347 tons - total weight of the heaviest installed turbine (including monopile,

transition piece, nacelle and rotor with blades)